God is Calling in The Wounded Warriors

  The Lord spoke to me today and said,”I’m calling in the wounded warriors.” There’s nothing more painful than being wounded by the Church. Somehow our wounds sting harder knowing that a Christian brother or sister hurt us. If this is you, God is calling you in to press into Him. I have been a wounded warrior. I wish I could share what happened to me, but it’s very painful and the Lord has asked me not to dredge up my past now that it’s healed. Please know that I do feel for you and understand you if you are a wounded warrior. The enemy can use anyone and He often uses Christians to hurt others. He knows it could possibly drive someone away from God. However, God wants you to know that He longs for you to come to Him for comfort. He never wants anything to get in the way of your relationship with Him and He can heal you if the enemy over played His hand in your life. Your wounds run deep but His love for you runs deeper. He’s calling you out upon the waters to step out in faith with Him. In the Bible, Jesus often rebuked the religious leaders. Today there is still the same spirit as there was then. It is the Religious Spirit. It seeks to wound the Bride, yet allows Christians to forget that without love, we are nothing. I believe that everyone has some aspect of a Religious spirit, especially if you grew up in the Church. Ask God to heal you of all aspects of it so you can more effectively love others. Rebuke it and replace it with the Holy Spirit. Remember wounded warriors, that Christians are humans too. This is helpful because we have to forgive. Forgive the ones that wounded you and allow God to place His healing hand on your heart. Use your scars to thrust you into your destiny, a place to love everyone, especially the outcasts of the church. If we can unite in love, we would have a powerful fight against the enemy. He knows that a house divided cannot stand. Think of someone you can unite together with today and make a decision to love today because without love, we are nothing.

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