Now is The Time to Walk in the Spirit!

About 9 years ago I went through something difficult in my life. I took my trial to prayer and I ended up praying at night constantly for about 5 nights. My prayers were answered and I began to hear God’s voice more clearly. As I listened to the voice of God, I noticed things began to occur. One day, my neighbor gave her life to Christ. A few days later, the Lord asked me to visit a church. While I was there a girl had a seizure and fell into her moms and my arms. We began to pray for her. After about 10 seconds, which seemed like forever, the Holy Spirit rose up and had me pray, God I believe you will heal her. God immediately healed her and she stood up and walked around. She went to the ER and they said she had absolutely no signs of having a seizure… as the week went on I began to realize this was not an ordinary week and I began to ask the Lord what was happening. He began to show me that I was walking in the Spirit. As the years passed, he showed me how to do this.

Back in the days when I was growing up in Texas, Beth Moore was my Sunday School teacher. The Lord sent me to a Beth Moore conference a few years ago and asked me to write a book to help others. He had to talk me into writing it and I agreed. My book, Now is the Time to Walk in the Spirit, is to help those who would like to learn to walk in the Spirit. This book will help you learn things such as, how God speaks to you, how to hear His voice, how to have humility to give Him all the credit, and how to love others deeply along with other things that will help you walk in the Spirit.

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