God Speaks Through Dreams

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Everyone dreams at night but not everyone remembers their dreams. I have been a dreamer and have remembered most of my dreams since I was a young girl. God took me on a journey to see how he spoke through dreams in the Bible before He gave me my very first significant dream. We were moving from Texas to Connecticut and we needed to sell two houses, our primary house and a rent house. The rent house had been on the market for about 5 months and we were about to put our house up for sale. We went to pray over our rent house and began talking with our realtor about listing our house. Soon after I had a dream that the first person who came to look at our house would make a full offer. My dream even revealed what we should list as the selling price, which was higher than what the realtor thought we should ask. We listed our house for sale and every morning I woke up and said “The first person who looks at our house is going to buy it.” Two weeks went by and no one looked at our house but I had great faith that this was going to happen. At exactly three weeks since we listed it, on a Sunday morning, we got a call that someone wanted to see our house. I cleaned a little extra and we headed off to church. For the first time, my faith wavered. I had all these thoughts in my head that said it wasn’t going to happen. “I am not sure if they are going to like our house” I said. My husband said, “You have been saying for three weeks that the first person who looks at our house is going to buy it and believe me, they are.” Thankfully he had great faith at that moment.  We were told that the people wanted to look at the house again, a great sign! We waited but they didn’t call back for a few days. Then we got a call that they didn’t want to look at the house again because they had just put in an offer. The offer was very close what we were asking. We countered and they agreed. Then we got a call that there was an offer on our rent house. God sold our houses sold in record time at a time when houses were not selling very well. We were so thankful and we began a journey where we realized that God does speak through dreams.