Are You Answering The Call To Love?

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The Lord spoke to me today. He said “Many of my people are missing their calling.” I waited on the Lord a little more and He said “Many of my children are missing their call to LOVE.”
A late prophet who was very close to God’s heart often said “When you get to heaven the Lord will ask you one question- “Have you loved?”
So today I want to ask you “Have you loved?” Is love the main focus of your life? God is love. He asks us to love Him and our neighbors (others).
The enemy is very aware of our call to love and he intends to distract us from loving. Here are three things the spirit of distraction can make us focus on instead of love.

1. Defending our doctrine– When you get to heaven God will not ask you “Did you defend your doctrine?” I often feel like Christians do not know this. I read a Facebook conversation a while ago that somewhat broke my heart. A Christian youth pastor was arguing about doctrine with a nonChristian. I read threads and threads of “You are so wrong” and “How can you believe that!” I was brokenhearted because this other person did not leave the conversation A. feeling like he was loved and B. feeling like God loved him. There was no love at all. Just arguing. Just division. Just clanging cymbals. I knew God wanted me to pray for both ends of this conversation, that one would see their call to love and that the other would feel loved. I do not see Jesus arguing his doctrine in the Bible but I do see him loving people, helping people and healing people. I pray that if you argue your doctrine that you would stop and ask God if this is something that He wants you to do. Chances are high that it is not. Sometimes it’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and not see the other commenter as a real person, but they are a real humans with real feelings.
2. Bashing another denomination, church or pastor- This touchy subject can be a sin of spiritual pride but that is up to the Holy Spirit to convict, not me. Some call this bashing “speaking the truth in love.” We need to realize that not every ministry is the same. God has different purposes for different ministries. There was a ministry that people said believed a “prosperity gospel” so I got before the Lord and asked him. The Lord showed me that He backed this ministry and that they did not preach this because there was no such gospel. They believed a positive spiritual principal that other denominations did not understand and twisted. He gave me this verse “Blessed are you when others speak evil about you.” The people who were doing the evil speaking were Christians! They were patting each other on the back for bashing other groups. This ought not be so!
3. You decide if others are saved or not– You may even call them false. Some people decide that “someone believes this one part of their doctrine wrong” or “they don’t believe this” then they are not saved. Only God knows if someone is saved. You can see if someone has fruit but ultimately God knows the heart. There is a basic principal of truth verses lies. God spends all our lives replacing lies with truth. It’s how we grow as a Christian. It is part of our process to be more like Jesus each day. I am sure that almost every Christian in the world, has a lie that needs to be replaced with truth. If someone does not believe exactly like you do, please stop playing God for them. God weekly shows me things that I need to correct, work on, or lies that need to be replaced with truth. What has he shown you lately?

We are called to love every single person on earth. All of them. God took me through a process where He showed me I was not loving every single person on earth. There were a few people that I had to say – I don’t agree with everything that this person says or does but I do love them. How about the president? Do you love him? Did you know that you are called to?
The other day the Lord asked me to love my neighbor. He sent me to an old neighbors house who is normally drunk. He told me that He wanted to deliver the man and his wife. I was able to talk with them and pray with them and it turns out, the man was wounded by the church and turned away from it. He loves God but his wounds run deep. I think God is seriously going to use this man.
My dad was one of the best examples of everyday love I have ever known. My dad showed me everyday that someone does not have to be a pastor to be in ministry. Everyone is in ministry. In fact most of the people that we know that are the closest to God are not pastors, they are everyday people who know that their call is to love.

What To Do If Your Child Has Played The Game Charlie, Charlie

We live in a time where the enemy is furious because his time is short. I also see him infiltrating witchcraft to children at a level that is hard to believe. Some critics say that this game was a marketing tactic for a movie, yet many children are saying that they have seen it played at school. Charlie, Charlie is a game that summons demons by asking them to move a pencil towards a yes or no answer. Summoning demons is a warning that is very clear in the Bible to avoid. Why? It can open a very dark door. So what do you do if your child has played this game and may have opened a door? Don’t fear. Take your child and talk with them about what the Bible says about witchcraft and explain to them that playing Charlie, Charlie can be dangerous. Pray with your child. God is very loving and He is aware of the enemy’s schemes. He rejoices when a child wants to close a door of any kind. Confess with your child to God that they should not have done it and they are sorry.  Then you can pray that God would close all doors to the enemy. If you are an intercessor, you might understand that you can rebuke witchcraft and replace it with the Holy Spirit. This is a wise thing to pray as well. There really is no formula for a prayer so pray whatever you feel God leading you to do. Once you’ve closed the door, know that it is closed and you can move on. You can pray this prayer with any witchcraft item, it is not limited to Charlie, Charlie.

Susan Has a Vision of Jesus and Finds God

One of my favorite testimonies of all time is from my friend Susan from CT.

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Susan shares: By the age of 29 all the pain and dysfunction of my life caught up with me. I never sought emotional healing from my parents tumultuous divorce and the abandonment from each of my family members that left me living on my own by the age of 17. Recently divorced myself and without a job, suicide appeared to be a viable option. I turned to New Age for answers. However, the more I studied the more confused I became.

New Age takes many teachings from different Spiritual disciplines. I knew they couldn’t all be true. In search for some answers I took the tools I learned from New Age and began to meditate. My focus became to seek for the absolute truth.
My meditations began in small increments and then I began increasing the length of my sessions each day. I became consumed with wanting to know the absolute truth. The more I meditated the easier it was for me to enter and focus. My meditations increased to 2-4 hours with no loss of focus.
At this time I was seeking for what the truth was. Then one day I entered into a mediation and I saw a bright light. I stayed focused on the light and Jesus appeared to me in a vision. He told me that He was the way, the truth and the life.
I had the answer I was looking for however, I did not find joy or relief in the answer. I was honestly very angry that the truth was Jesus. New Age allows for autonomy and control in ones’ own life. My view of Christianity was skewed. I saw the God of Christianity as one who had a lot of rules that must be obeyed and I had no desire to go to church with Christians who I felt acted elitist.
After a two week wrestle with God I chose to turn my life over to Jesus and receive the life that was available to me through the shedding of Jesus’ blood on the cross. I searched and found that some Christians did have a lot of freedom and happiness. Some were very giving and humble and not elitist at all. These were the Christians who were truly like Christ.
His life did change me and my life; not rules, or living my life by a certain standard. It was His life that He laid down in love to give to me and anyone else who chooses to receive His life through grace.
He healed my wounded heart as He promised in Isaiah 61 and continues to reveal Himself to me as I continue to seek Him. My personal testimony is also a testimony to His word –

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Susan Noviello is now a Christian with a prophetic gift that blesses everyone she encounters.

God Speaks Through Dreams

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Everyone dreams at night but not everyone remembers their dreams. I have been a dreamer and have remembered most of my dreams since I was a young girl. God took me on a journey to see how he spoke through dreams in the Bible before He gave me my very first significant dream. We were moving from Texas to Connecticut and we needed to sell two houses, our primary house and a rent house. The rent house had been on the market for about 5 months and we were about to put our house up for sale. We went to pray over our rent house and began talking with our realtor about listing our house. Soon after I had a dream that the first person who came to look at our house would make a full offer. My dream even revealed what we should list as the selling price, which was higher than what the realtor thought we should ask. We listed our house for sale and every morning I woke up and said “The first person who looks at our house is going to buy it.” Two weeks went by and no one looked at our house but I had great faith that this was going to happen. At exactly three weeks since we listed it, on a Sunday morning, we got a call that someone wanted to see our house. I cleaned a little extra and we headed off to church. For the first time, my faith wavered. I had all these thoughts in my head that said it wasn’t going to happen. “I am not sure if they are going to like our house” I said. My husband said, “You have been saying for three weeks that the first person who looks at our house is going to buy it and believe me, they are.” Thankfully he had great faith at that moment.  We were told that the people wanted to look at the house again, a great sign! We waited but they didn’t call back for a few days. Then we got a call that they didn’t want to look at the house again because they had just put in an offer. The offer was very close what we were asking. We countered and they agreed. Then we got a call that there was an offer on our rent house. God sold our houses sold in record time at a time when houses were not selling very well. We were so thankful and we began a journey where we realized that God does speak through dreams.