Sarah Experiences a Miracle in Africa

God did a miracle through a dream with a native African woman and Sarah M. and her team in September of 2011.


Here is Sarah’s story:

I and a team of 5 Americans and 3 African believers were trekking in the mountains of Africa. We had all studied and memorized a strategic series of stories from the Bible, starting with the creation and continuing all the way through to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our plan was to share these stories with anyone that God had prepared to hear them. As we trekked, we were looking for what Jesus refers to as the “person of peace” in Luke 10. On our first day, a young man approached us and persistently said to us “come to my home, come to my home.” We were reluctant at first but his persistence won through and we followed him home. When we arrived, his mother came to the doorway, looked at us, and said, “at last you have come.” Not knowing what she meant, she then explained that the night before, a man in white had appeared to her in a dream and told her that foreigners would be eating in her home that day and that she should listen to what they said. As soon as she woke up, she ran across the valley to see her sister and asked her what she should serve to the foreigners. The woman’s sister wisely told her to share whatever she had and that if the foreigners were truly from God, they would receive it well. She then set before us the meal she had prepared: potatoes, yogurt, and injera, their traditional homemade bread. We gratefully accepted her gift, relishing the warm meal and the family’s generosity in sharing the little they had.  After eating, she began the coffee ceremony, and as she roasted, ground, and brewed the fresh coffee beans, we shared with her and her family the stories that we had learned and studied. Just as we began the story telling, an older gentleman came in and sat down to listen as well. Upon finishing, the entire family of nine as well as the guards and guide that were traveling with us, became believers in Jesus. The older gentleman looked around at each of us and said, “I have been waiting to hear these words all of my life. When I was a boy, I asked the priests these questions, but they said to me ‘go away, stupid boy.’ At last I have peace and can rest.”
Sarah has now became an aviator missionary. She can’t wait to experience God more in Africa. Check out Sarah’s avation page to see how you can help Sarah on her journey!


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