What Does Walking in the Spirit Mean to You?

Walking in the Spirit for me means spending time with God by talking to Him, reading His Word, allowing the Spirit to guide me throughout the day, and obeying God’s voice. The joy that follows is so amazing it’s worth all the crazy warfare that comes with the cost.

About 7 years ago I received a spiritual gift that greatly accelerated my ability to hear and walk with God. At the same time I was going though something hard and I hit my knees to pray and read the Word. I needed a breakthrough and I began to pray  a lot, even through the night. A week later, I had my breakthrough and I also began to walk in the Spirit in ways I did not know were possible. That week almost every day something amazing happened. My elderly neighbor gave her life to the Lord. The Lord asked me to visit a church and while I was there, God healed a young girl (who fell directly into my arms) from a family history of seizures. I drove to a shopping mall, took what I thought was a wrong turn and began to hear God say, “Go left, go right, turn in there.” I went inside a store and found a young boy who’s mom (the store owner) was telling him he was a mistake. He was clearly distraught and seeking for her love. The Lord asked me to begin interceding and praying for him.

The enemy was ready and waiting for me and after all this I struggled with two big issues- people pleasing and pride. It took me years to flesh out performing for other people and learning to not care what they think but learning to please only God.

Meanwhile I began to wonder, why was I not taught about all this before? God began to teach me through the Word, the mentorship of Godly people He placed in my life, and through the Holy Spirit what walking in the Spirit looks like and how to thwart the enemies attacks against it.

It’s a beautiful dance with the Holy Spirit, a partnership to love others. I would love to hear what walking in the Spirit means to you! 

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2 thoughts on “What Does Walking in the Spirit Mean to You?”

  1. Walking in the Spirit for me means putting intimacy with Jesus is first. Which is spending time in the Word, yes but it’s also just getting quiet and listening to His still small voice. Walking in the Spirit means humility and being quick to ask for forgiveness. It’s not being perfect but bring willing to risk looking foolish for the love of others

  2. Walking in the Spirit takes time to develop. As Christians, we are encouraged to walk in the Spirit. We can’t be full vessels for Him, if we don’t pursue this. In the flesh, we sin. But if we are walking in the Spirit, we can’t sin. That’s because of being tuned in to God. By being inveloped in His WORD, knowing HIS VOICE, and seeking HIM furevently we can walk in the Spirit. Then we can discern God’s direction precisely, and operate in HIS WILL. Those are the key points that will produce the most fruit. We can be fully yielded vessels doing the most amazing things we ever thought possible. It produces fruit in our prayer life, and we are given some awesome assignments for HIS KINGDOM, by being completely yielded vessels, in tune with HIS SPIRIT. We must know God’s charector and be strong of HIS WORD. When his word is in us, we can operate through HIS TRUTH applying it and living it, in the spirit. It’s my hunger and desire to walk in the Spirit daily. It takes time spent with The Lord, but it is so very much worth it!!

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